Bowling Update 5

So I'm back to this scene after a looooong break. In the meantime I started a new job at Playground Games, working on Forza Horizon 4, which has been really cool :)

Now I really want to get this scene finished so I can move onto something new and fresh!

It's mainly details left to do, the posters are all just temporary ones I found online, I'm going to recreate all of these so they're high quality and have a bit of wear to them. There's still some texturing needed on assets in the scene, some polish on others. Aside from that I need to add some smaller details like wires and decals and more importantly some storytelling proping.

Cheers :D





Bowling Update 4

Just a quick update... started playing with materials, vertex painting and material blending and some colour grading. I've been on holiday for the past 4 days so I've still not had chance to spend a good chunk of time on this. On the material front, the next major thing I want to implement is a dirt/dust pass.


Bowling Update 3

Back with some more updates!

Not a major visual difference yet, but the majority of the modelling/uving is done, just a few detail pieces left for the base environment. I'm gonna move onto texturing next so we can start to sign off final props. I wanna get the whole environment to a good place before I start thinking about extra props to make the room feel more lived in, such as signs/posters, litter, decals etc.

Any feedback up to this point would be appreciated :D

Bowling Update 2

Not had much time to work on the scene recently, but anyways I've modelled out some more of the scene and started blocking in the lighting.
Something weird is going on with the light bake on the ceiling haha..

Still temp materials on everything too. Hopefully I can make some good progress on the scene this week! :)


Bowling Update 1

I'm back!

Here's what I was working on yesterday. 

So far I've just been breaking down my blockout scene into unique meshes and then rebuilding in Unreal. Also applied the rough materials for the floor and walls just to get an idea how it will look.

Now I can start going through my pile of meshes and do some proper modeling. Here's how Maya looks right now... :D


Bowling Scene 2018

Hello everyone :)

So I wanted to start making full use of my account and start blogging my personal work this year.
I actually started this scene late last year but I've been super busy between Christmas and now so I'm just picking it up again.

It's an old bowling alley scene! 

(This is the ref the scene is based on.)

My aim is to take this pretty standard scene and really focus on adding details and story, nail the lighting, and make it interesting and nice to look at :D I started some substance materials already, such as the bowling alley material on my portfolio, and below is the blockout of the scene. It's moved on a fair bit from here, but I just wanted to document from the beginning to end. I plan to make full use of modular workflows, vertex blending on materials, and any tricks I can to make it look good.

I plan to post updates when the scene progresses and I have something nice to show :)
C&C welcome ofcourse!